Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SWAP update
I got my fabric from fabric.com today. OH my goodness, the fabric is to die for. I am very pleased. There isn’t a single piece that I’m not happy with; which is saying a lot since ordering online can be tricky. I’ve done the eBay thing and haven’t always been pleased. In fact I’ve often come out either scammed or extremely pissed off at the miss judgment in the fabrics quality.
Ok, so here are the photos of my lovely fabrics minus one. The best fabric, lovely light weight sweater quality mohair can’t be shown. Little elves read my blog every morning before school. No child, you won’t be finding this one, but I did just give you a tease. That IS if you can figure out what the word “mohair” means…
Anyways, these fabrics will be used for SWAP 2011. I’m still deciding on my plan of action. I hope to finalize it soon. I have some ideas though, and have finalized a couple items. I have one more lot of fabrics planned from fabric.com, and possibly a lot from another online company that I heard gives out 10 yard bonus packs with a certain dollar amount spent:) I still need notions: zippers, thread, possibly wide waist elastic, and a few others. Also need linning material for jacket.

Eyelash Sweater Knit in Black 50% Polyester, 50% Acrylic 
Garment: Sweater
                       Designer Boucle Suiting in Jessica Plaid Tan/Red 62% Rayon, 29% Acrylic, 95 Nylon
                                                               Garment: Suit Jacket
                                      Wool Blend Suiting in Brown/Black 80% Wool, 20 % Nylon
                                                         Garment: Hopefully Pants and Skirt
                                      Wool Blend Knit in Olive/Silver 80% Wool 20% Polyester
                                                  Garment: Possibilities include Turtleneck or T-Shirt

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