Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Butterick 5528-Updated

The jacket is just about complete. All I have left is a couple sections in the front facings, and a button hole. I may end up gifting this away. I will probably wear it once, and hand it over to mom. It's a little too bright for me.


I decided not to do hand or machine embroidery, and instead add this top fabric to the cuffs, pocket, and collar. It's a rose embroidery design on black knit.

I have it cut out and part of it pinned together. I plan to construct some of it or hopefully most of it by this weekend. Then it’s off to SWAP 2011 sewing.

Initially I was worried about the fabric being too heavy for the pattern but it’s not the case at all. I think the fabric will be just perfect for the pattern.

I'm currently working on Butterick 5528 view B. I'm using a heavier fabric in a velvet fleece in burgundy. I plan to add either machine or hand embroidery to the collar, cuffs, pocket, and possibly down the front facings.