Monday, December 13, 2010

Simplicity 0493/2603

2603 Cover/Back

                                                        0493 Cover and Fabric Choice.
                                                    A nice sweater knit in Floral plum for the cardi, and a dark purple
                                                                         knit for the top
 First up though, I have the first cardi I did in a low quality mystery knit. This one was made in View A, the long version. It's dark blue and has an eyelet design all over it. It is very very stretchy, a 4 way. My machine, even with the IDT did not want to sew this fabric. It kept eating it. I had to resort to wedging tissue paper in all the seams just so I could get it sewed. I'm not talking just the start of a seam, no, I mean I had to literally cut strips of tissue and nudge it inside all the seams before sewing. This cardi was my test run before sewing my lovely sweater knit. I did make some mistakes. I sewed the arm seam up instead of under the arm. I need to fix that. I'm not looking forward to picking the stitches on this fabric.
 The following photos are ways you can wear the cardi.I did find that view A is too long for my taste. My body shape will not take well to tying the extra fabric around me. I just look huge!

So once I figured out all my tweaks I decided to get cardi # 2 done. This is the floral plum fabric in a soft sweater knit. I love this fabric, and wish I would have written down  exact name so I could go back and buy different colors. Anyways. I made some changes. I did view c which is a short drape, and shorter sleeves. I did not add the elastic to the back neck. For this fabric it didn't need it. I also made sure to sew the sleeves right. HOWEVER, I did mess them up twice and had to pick stitches and resew TWICE! you'd think I would have learned the first time. Yikes.

 Knit sleeveless top view E. As you can see the neckline is different than the patterns. I some how stretched the fabric out when sewing the neckline, and it wouldn't lay flat; even after washing/drying and ironing the heck out of it. So I added a second piece of the neckline, and that did help flatten it out, but i still wasn't satisfied. So I got my trust pfaff 7570 out and did a old school maxi design right onto the stitching, and then took it around back. I love the way it turned out.

 You can see the neck design a little better here, but the next photo is a better closeup.

I'm pleased with the neck design. When it's worn the neckline is really pretty.

Did it look like the photo: Yes it did
Likes: I love the different variations to the drape. I loved the sleeveless top, and it took well to my changes
Dislikes: Didn't like view A's drape length. It's long and bulky. It's not something I'd wear all year round, but it is something I'd wear once in a while.
Sew it again: Definitely!


  1. I've been wanting to make this pattern but was leaning towards view A and the thrown over the shoulder look. Your comments are making me question whether to make another view instead. have you tried that look and, if so, do you like it?


  2. Nancy, the blue cardi that I pictured first is view A. I tried over the shoulder like in picture 4, and then I tried it tied behind my neck with the drape cascading down the front. I found both to be bulky, and uncomfortable. I am not sure if I’d make view A again. It may just be my size that makes it hard to style. I found I was able to maneuver the drape around my extra small mannequin with no problems, but maneuvering it around “my” body (currently about a US 18 or 1x, depending on what I’m wearing) or “my” dress form was not an easy task.