Wednesday, December 29, 2010

FSL: Christmas Decorations

FSL: Christmas Decorations
As part of my yearly cookie gifts I decided to make some free standing lace ornaments to attach to each baggie of cookies. What I thought would be a easy present turned into a nightmare. The FSL kept caving in because my wash away mesh wasn’t strong enough. I had to fold three layers to get them to stitch out, and even then it was touch and go. Eventually I got through it, and they were a hit. Here are some steps to take if you decide to make these.
1.    I would use Vilene or another wash away that is not thin. The wash away should feel sort of like fabric. I used sulky, and it just didn’t do it for this project. I would not use that brand in the future for this type of project.
2.    Wash away is expensive. So to save money you can keep the stabilizer on its roll and just keep hooping as close to the old design as possible without affecting the designs. If you have a big project you may not want to hoop into the old design. I did hoop into it at times to save space and my designs were not affected. If the design you are stitching out is a long stitch count you wouldn't want to do that. The process could give the design hoop burn from the stitch motion.
3. To save time, get everything you need next to your workspace. That way you can easily switch designs and colors fast. If you have software , you can combine designs in the same hoop, so more than one ornament will stitch out.
How to wash away the stabilizer: Get a bucket of warm water and simply soak the designs in it for 30 or so minutes or until all wash away has dissolved.

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  1. Emily...what a nifty machine you have there :)


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