Thursday, November 25, 2010

Winter Capsule, SWAP

Winter Sew-A-Long is going slow. I need to do 1 more item before December to stay on tract, but I’m finding it hard to do so. I guess I need to just make the time. I definitely need to get a head of the game so I can devote more time to planning for SWAP.  If I play it out well I may be able to use the SWAP trouser in my winter sew-a-long since the winter thing ends in January, and SWAP starts next month. I’ll have to check if that’s allowed. If it is, then I’ll be set.
My SWAP needs to be an add-on to the items I make in the winter sew-a-long. My plan is to have a working wardrobe that can take me through a week or two of work. The wardrobe needs to have enough pieces that allow me to alternate weeks, and not look like I’m wearing the same old outfits every week. I want a mix of heavy and light woolens and wool blends, and light weight layering items from my winter project. I also want a mix of working-casual and corporate professional since I’ll likely be working my current position, and taking on a new field (so two jobs, one wardrobe). My current position requires infrequent “professional” meet and greets, and clients. My new field is in social services, and will likely require a professional yes casual wardrobe with occasional corporate dress.
That’s all for now,

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Belly Dance Creations

I thought it would be neat to show off some of the belly dance costumes i've done in the past. So here they are. My daughter's been dancing since she was just 2 years old; she's 11 now. These are a few years old, but they are still really pretty costumes. Very simple to make compared to what she wants now days:)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Plans for SWAP 2011

                Update: I decided I will be doing two swaps this year. The following swap, and a second swap for my daughter in plan 1: 6 tops, 4 leggins/jeggins, 1 vest as the optional.              
SWAP 2010: My Sewing With a Plan

Option 1: 6 top, 4 bottoms, and 1 choice. 3 Items may be pre purchased or pre made. All items sewn must have a “haven’t mastered” technique.

Bought items
1. Black Trousers
2. Black knit dress with floral chiffon inserts (sleeves and collar): red, green, orange, and brown floral colors
3. Red Long sleeved Tunic w crystals on arms. 50% Ramie & 50% acrylic
Choice item: Suit Jacket in Boucle Suiting blend

Bottoms slacks/skirts in black/brown wool, black wool.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Winter Sew-a-Long, SWAP

I am participating in my very first “full” sew-a-long and am excited. I’ve chosen to sew two cardi wraps in knit (one dark blue light weight knit, one floral heavy weight sweater knit), two sleeveless tops ( one dark purple and the other possibly black), a pair of dark trousers in a cotton/linen, and to shorten and perhaps do some major altering of a wool coat I have.
I completed one cardi wrap thus far, and had one throw-a-way sleeveless top. My game plan is to make two shirts in November, two in December, have the pants done by January, and finish the coat by February. If I follow my plan exactly then I will have some wiggle room for mistakes.
I have other news to share. I will also be participating in a thing called SAWP, which stands for “sewing with a plan”. This is a contest (?) offered through the Stitcher’sGuild every year. The rules this year are a bit frightening but I think I’ll survive if I stick to a game plan.
More to come: Look for my SWAP 2011 blog that will be posted next month, and my Winter sew-a-long pictures coming soon.