Thursday, July 28, 2011

S2556 Leather Vest, View B

So my next step is to redraft the pattern for a smaller chest. The pattern does not have the chest size we need. I've not done this before. It will be a learning curve!I'm not even sure where to start but I do have a ton of books on the subject, and at least one kit for drafting. I have all the supplies. I have drafted patterns before so I do not see it being that difficult.

 The 2 photos above are of her (left) and the vest on her dress form (right). Her dress form has a chest, and I haven't had time to saw them off. As you can see the vest fits the dress form almost perfectly. This leads me to believe the vest is simply too large in the breast area.

This is my latest sewing project. S2556. I did NOT make a muslin, and that was a huge mistake. As you can see above, the vest turned out to be absolutely huge on her.  Luckily I have enough leather for 1 more round.

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