Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September's UFO's

Pocket's and Hood are on!The next time I sew laminated cotton I'll make sure to purchase an appropriate foot for it. My Pfaff 2140 has been doing great, but it hasn't been easy. Already bent 1 needle, main motor blocked several times.
Above Pictures of back lining: I got the back lining completed. I love how to embroidery turned out. It goes really well with the jacket fabric. My daughter loves it to and that's a bonus because lately she loves nothing!

Here's the Amy Butler Rain Jacket I've been meaning to finish. It's made from laminate cotton. I'll be working on this project for the rest of September. It's rainy season now, and my daughter has been pestering me to finish this jacket! I'd like to find some more of this fabric so I can cover an Umbrella. If anyone has 1/2 yard or so, and would like to sell it please let me know!


  1. That fabric is so pretty. I hope you find the extra you need.

  2. Thanks! I'm going to go visit the store I orginally bought the fabric from. Maybe I'll get lucky and they carry it again.

  3. Emily,

    Did you do this embroidery yourself?


  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the blue embroidered paisleys!! My kind of woman!