Thursday, July 28, 2011

S3850 View C

 Well we're just about done with the sample. We decided to switch to using the denim we're making the shorts from for our sample. All that's left is the waist, fly, and I think pockets. I'm having trouble with the fly. Since this is my first time making denim jeans or pants I have no idea what I'm doing. I do not understand the button fly thing at all. Hopefully I'll have time this weekend to tackle it. The color is off on my camera, and I  haven't figured out how to change it. The true color of these shorts is a checkered navy/grey denim cotton.

I think this time around the fit is a lot better. We're going to go ahead and start on the real fabric now. Luckily I have 4 yards of the chosen fabric, and these shorts take a tiny bit of fabric. I'd say maybe 1/2 yard even though the pattern says 1 yard for 60" wide size 4.

 She made her sample from a thing muslin fabric. I think the fit is almost right. This is actually the 2nd try. the first she couldn't slide past her knees. They were VERY small. Good thing we decided to draft samples before sewing the garment.
DD's still on her sewing binge. This time she's making S3850. I've had help her a lot with this one, as jeans are difficult to make. She's above she's drafting a new pattern from S3850, so we don't have to cut the original pattern. We're using Swedish sewing paper. I love Swedish sewing paper because it's see thru, and you can sew through it.

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