Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I got my blog up and running. Now I just have to learn to use the thing. Bare with me for a few weeks while I learn all the bells and whistles. I’ve been working on quite a few different projects lately. The last item I’ve actually finished is a Halloween embroidery project. The satin lays flat, it looks wrinkled in this photo but it's completely flat, and ready to be hung:) The design was stitched onto muslin, I then resewed it to another piece of muslin for support, and then stitched the quilt backing, front sashes, and then attached the satin back. Then I reinforced all stitches to give the back a quilted look. My way is different than the way Jan told us to do it, but it still worked out.

Here is the completed photo.
It was an easy project for sure. The project was offered to compusew group members by the group owner Jan. She has the design and project directions in her store for sale located  here.  I loved how well the designs embroidered out. It was really quite a smooth project that didn't take very long. If  you do embroidery and own 3d, 4 or 5d , embird or another type of embroidery software i'd highly reccomend joining her yahoo group. It's been worth it to me since i'm learning pfaff's 3d embroidery system.

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