Sunday, November 14, 2010

Winter Sew-a-Long, SWAP

I am participating in my very first “full” sew-a-long and am excited. I’ve chosen to sew two cardi wraps in knit (one dark blue light weight knit, one floral heavy weight sweater knit), two sleeveless tops ( one dark purple and the other possibly black), a pair of dark trousers in a cotton/linen, and to shorten and perhaps do some major altering of a wool coat I have.
I completed one cardi wrap thus far, and had one throw-a-way sleeveless top. My game plan is to make two shirts in November, two in December, have the pants done by January, and finish the coat by February. If I follow my plan exactly then I will have some wiggle room for mistakes.
I have other news to share. I will also be participating in a thing called SAWP, which stands for “sewing with a plan”. This is a contest (?) offered through the Stitcher’sGuild every year. The rules this year are a bit frightening but I think I’ll survive if I stick to a game plan.
More to come: Look for my SWAP 2011 blog that will be posted next month, and my Winter sew-a-long pictures coming soon.

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